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Instagram has made it harder for businesses to flourish on this platform. There are days when your content is well-received, while on others, you hardly get any likes on your post. For building the reputation of your brand, you have to get a good amount of likes on your post. This is where the role of an Instagram growth company comes in. vs Picking the Best Site to Buy Instagram Likes

Two such famous sites helping with Instagram growth are Sociallym and Goread. But choosing the right company to buy Instagram likes is not easy, especially when both the companies are legit and offer impeccable services.

To help you make the best decision, here are some factors to look out for when reviewing these two sites for buying Instagram likes.


Goread claims to offer high-quality likes that get activated within a few minutes. Their site is safe and they do not ask you to make any passwords to buy Instagram likes packages from them. You only have to provide your Instagram ID and email address, and see the likes coming in. Their likes come from genuine users and they offer a wide range of packages to meet the needs of the individual customer. They also offer drop protection, so you will get a replacement in case of drop off in the number of followers.

Sociallym is one of the safest sites to buy Instagram likes. They provide genuine likes that come from real Instagram accounts and also offer flexible payment options. They also do not ask for making any passwords or to follow others in order to purchase Instagram likes from them. Sociallym provides a broad range of Instagram likes plans at reasonable prices.


Goread offers Instagram likes at cheap prices as you can get 50 Instagram likes for 89 cents. You can get from 50 to 100k Instagram likes at a price of no more than USD 280. They offer a great range of packages to buy Instagram likes so that buyers can easily get the specific number of likes packages they want for their Instagram.

Sociallym has five plans for Instagram likes, starting from $11 for 1000 Instagram likes and their biggest package costs $68 for 10k Instagram likes. Their packages for Instagram likes are affordable considering the high-quality likes and engagement they offer for your Instagram account.

Usability and payment security

Goread is easy and safe to use and provides for secured payment gateways, you can pay safely through Paypal and even your credit or debit card information is also safe with them.

Sociallym adheres to the strict safety and privacy policies, your information is kept confidential as you make payments to buy Instagram likes from their secured gateways. They also provide convenient payment options.


Between the two, Socaillym is safer to use and provides for a secure and SSL encrypted payment gateway. Whether Goread site is secured with basic protection is doubtful, but Sociallym is perfectly secured.

When it comes to prices, Goread is cheaper and provides decent services, but for experiencing high-quality engagement and better customer service, Sociallym is a better option.

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