How to Monetize Facebook Videos?

How to Monetize Facebook Videos?

Over the years, Facebook has become a video-centric platform supporting different types of video formats. If you are a content creator and looking for ways to monetize your Facebook videos, you are in right place.

Whether you are a big brand, small business, or an individual, learning to monetize your Facebook videos, opens up a stream of other income opportunities.

Below are some great ways to monetize your Facebook videos.

Create great-quality content

To monetize your videos on Facebook, it is crucial that they have a lot of views. A high view count only comes when you produce some high-quality content having the potential to attract large audiences. Facebook enables videos of around one minute or more, so you have to be thoughtful about what you showcase in that short video. The money you earn from your Facebook videos depends on how many views it gets. More views lead to viral videos, and as a result, you make a lot of money in the process. Make sure to create content on topics that you have ample knowledge of.

Place ads in your videos

Place some in-stream ads in your videos that are easy to place. For instance, if you are videos are about 5 minutes, add a break after every one minute. The money or payouts that you get depend on the number of views your videos have. These ads are shown to people who are searching and streaming your content. Facebook pays according to the per 1000 ad impressions on your videos. For displaying ads on your Facebook videos, it is important for you to have at least 10k followers, 30k views on your videos, and the content should conform to some other content quality guidelines.

Make fan subscriptions

You can also create fan subscriptions to earn money from Facebook. If you have a large fan following on Facebook, then it is time that you take advantage of it. You can issue fan subscriptions for the page you are running, which will make your views pay a small amount to play your videos, and if your content is great, then fans won’t mind paying a small amount. Fan-based subscription monetization can happen in a lot of ways as you make posts or videos only for subscribers, behind the scene videos, locked polls, etc. However, there are some requirements that you have to fulfill before you try this trick such as having 10k fb followers, 50,000 post engagements, 250 return views, etc.

Use brands collab manager

Enable brand collabs managers launched by Facebook to encourage collaboration amongst brands and influencers. Using this feature of Facebook, you can promote the content or products of various brands and they will pay in return. It is one form of influencer marketing. You have to know and use this feature well if you want to learn to monetize your Facebook videos. Just like every other monetizing opportunity on Facebook, this one also has a set of guidelines that you need to adhere to such as having 1000 facebook followers, 3000 hours of watch time for the past 60 days, etc.

These are the basic ways to monetize your videos on Facebook, using which you can start making income from Facebook.

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