How to Make Money on Instagram? 

How to Make Money on Instagram? 

From an image-sharing platform to a profound social media platform, Instagram has become a huge name in the social media world. The platform offers a lot of money-making opportunities as well, regardless of the number of followers you have on your Instagram profile. 

Before we jump into the ways of making money on Instagram, make sure that you have a perfectly managed Instagram account with at least a 5%-6% engagement rate. 

The importance of followers for making money on Instagram 

If you think that you can make money through Instagram with only 100 followers on your profile, then the journey would be tough.  Don’t worry, we are not asking you to get a million followers, however, 1k Instagram followers are the least you need. 

To general real revenue from Instagram, you need a good amount of followers. The number of followers depends on your niche and the number of followers or engagement rate you currently have. 

If you cannot wait to gain followers organically, there is an option to buy them. Make sure to buy the followers from a credible source that provides for genuine profiles of the followers.  There is no point in buying fake followers that do not engage on your Instagram profile and help bring engagement. 

So make sure to have at least 1k to 100k Instagram followers, before you apply to try to make money on Instagram.

Here is how you make money on Instagram.

Use Affiliate links

Affiliate marketing is thriving and Instagram is amongst the best platform to practice it. The ever-expanding e-commerce sector and online marketing offer great potential for affiliate marketing. In this, you will get a link for the products from a brand or company that you will have to promote on your account. As soon as someone uses this link displayed on your account, visits the website using it, and makes a purchase, you will get a commission. 

The amount of commission depends on the number of purchases made using the link. So the work is effortless and a one-time setup, as you receive commission without doing anything. For finding such work, you can check the website of various famous companies and see if they are having an affiliate marketing program. 

Make photos or videos for sale

Travelling and lifestyle are amongst the most dominant niches on Instagram. If you are a great photographer and wondering what to do with those amazing pictures you take, here is an income opportunity for you. Display your pictures on Instagram, and if they are good enough, people will buy them. 

User-generated content has become a common practice on Instagram, as major brands and businesses are willing to purchase and post photos on their content by the customers. For instance, you can travel and visit a hotel of a famous brand, take photos, and share your experience. You will get paid for sharing your experience with the brand and might get free accommodation as well. 

Write and sell captions 

Brands of all types and sizes use Instagram to promote their product and services. Small businesses or startups are often searching for freelances that will assist in reducing their social media marketing costs. So you can work as a freelance and offer caption writing services at a low cost. You can find many work options on freelancing platforms such as Truelancer, Upwork, etc, to find such small writing gigs. 

Invent an image filter

If taking pictures and experimenting with various filters is something you can do all day, then you can give the right direction to this leisure activity. This task is not so easy though as you are required to learn programming languages and codes to make such filters. For this, you can use apps like Spark AR Studio, Snap Art, Google ARCore, and make your unique filter by spending a few hours. This is an easy and interesting way to make money as long as you make a great filter that people are willing to purchase. 

Making money on Instagram is extremely easy, you just have to keep your mind open and look for opportunities. It is crucial that you pick money-making tasks that you are good at and enjoy doing. The aforementioned are some of the credible ways to make money on Instagram. Learn new skills and money will be within your reach.

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