Famoid vs Sociallym – Instagram Likes Packages

Famoid vs Sociallym – Instagram Likes Packages

Famoid and Sociallym are amongst the most famous sites to buy Instagram likes. These sites provide for the best quality of likes and also supports the engagement and growth of your Instagram account.

Having sufficient Instagram likes on your Instagram helps a lot in building your online social presence and taking the assistance of a social media growth service provider site is the fastest way to grow your brand on Instagram.

Choosing between Famoid and Sociallym

As mentioned, both sites are great for Instagram likes packages, however, to pick between the two, you need more information.

Here are the key points to help you pick between Famoid and Sociallym.

Instagram Likes Packages cost- Price is the first concern for any small brand looking for boosting its social media presence by buying Instagram likes. Sociallym has a great range of plans for Instagram likes at fair rates. For instance, you can get 1000 Instagram likes for just USD 10 and they have 8 plans for Instagram likes. They offer 10,000 Instagram likes at most to help in assisting social engagement on your Instagram account.

Famoid also has decent packages to offer for Instagram likes, from their site, you can buy 1000 Instagram likes for USD 13.95 and they also offer 8 plans for Instagram likes. If you have a low requirement, then you can also get 100 likes for USD 2.95, and as much as 25,000 likes for USD 168.95 to quickly grow your Instagram account.

So if you want cheaper rates, then Sociallym is the site you want to pick for buying Instagram likes packages.

Safety of the website- Since you are going to be making payments online for buying Instagram likes, it is important to make sure the site is safe. Sociallym is a secure and SSL encrypted website having a safe payment gateway. Your transactions, information, and money are safe with their site. Famoid is also a safe-to-use site that takes care of your private information. So for the safety site, both the sites are reliable and you can go with either.

Speed of service- The delivery speed of the package is also important after you make the purchase. Sociallym delivers its Instagram likes packages within 24 hours, you just have to add the likes package to your cart, complete the payment process, and expect the likes to come in within the given time on the package. Famoid also provides for a fast delivery after you have selected the package, the likes are delivered instantly once the transaction is completed. So both the sites offer speedy delivery, and won’t waste your time.

Customer support- Sociallym offers excellent customer support and are quick to reach out to help with any issues you face with their services. You can expect an immediate response whether you want information about the plans or other problems. Famoid also offers efficient customer service and provide 24*7 assistance and will quickly answer if you are facing a usability problem or any other issue regarding their service.

Popularity of the company- This may not seem important, but the popularity of the website is also an important factor as it helps in deciding the quality of services. Sociallym is extremely popular and has earned a lot of recognition and trust of its customers over the years. On the other hand, Famoid has also gained decent popularity and is a legitimate site to buy Instagram likes packages. However, Famoid is less popular amongst the audience and has some negative reviews as well, so for the popularity and reliability, Sociallym is the one to pick.

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