Famoid vs Sociallym – Instagram Followers Packages

Famoid vs Sociallym – Instagram Followers Packages

It is a known fact that to fully leverage social media platforms, you have to have a lot of followers, likes, and comments on your Instagram profile. However, this seldom comes naturally and quickly, and for small brands and businesses, buying them seems to be the best option in the short run.

Famoid and Sociallym – Best sites to buy Instagram followers?

When we think of buying Instagram followers, Famoid and Sociallym are amongst the most famous names that can be found on the internet. So let’s check out what these sites offer, and which one of them is the best for Instagram services.

Genuinity of followers- When you are looking to buy Instagram followers, the quality and authenticity of the followers should be the primary things to care about. Famoid claims to offer good-quality followers and even offers you to buy premium followers. On the other hand, Sociallym is popular for providing high-quality followers with genuine and active profiles. The site uses tactics to grow your brand and provide you with the followers that help bring in the desired engagement. So for the quality, Sociallym offers better at a realistic cost. 

Turnaround time- Both the sites offer fast delivery and gradually send the followers to your account as sending them all at once will make your site look suspicious. Famoid will send the full package within 2 days, while Sociallym takes about 1-3 days or more depending on the number of followers you bought. Since it is important for the process to be gradual, Sociallym is more effective in its approach.

Refill guarantee- Famoid offers drop protection for its Instagram followers plan and will refill the followers that get lost during the processing within 30 days, and Sociallym also provides for a refill guarantee. However, Sociallym offers a faster refill in case of sudden drop-offs.

Delivery speed- Famoid offers instant delivery and uses a gradual process and spills the followers on your account over a span of a few days. You can always contact their customer support team if you wish to speed up the process. Sociallym also offers faster delivery and depending on the package, you can expect the followers to rush in within 1-3 days. The delivery period gets longer based on the number of followers purchased.

Followers price- You get a great range of options for buying Instagram followers from Famoid, and the price range starts from USD 3.95 for buying 100 followers, and the range extends up to USD 199.85 for buying 15,000 followers. So the site has followers no matter how big or small the amount your brand needs for its Instagram profile.  They claim to provide real and active followers and it is completely safe to buy from their site.

Sociallym.com asks for USD 12 to supply 1000 Instagram followers; the price touches USD  430 for 50,000 followers. This site offers cheaper rates for Instagram followers, and their services are also incredible as the followers engage on your profile to widen your reach and bring in more genuine traffic to your content. The site is SSL encrypted and provides flexible modes of payment. So your information and transactions are safe with their site.

Both sites are good to buy Instagram followers offering high-quality offers, however, Sociallym is the one to pick if you want an all-rounded service.  The site offers faster refill and is known to serve a lot of customers with their excellent Instagram growth services. 

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