Facebook Likes Packages - Sociallym.com vs Likesgeek.com

Facebook Likes Packages - Sociallym.com vs Likesgeek.com

Facebook is a prominent social media platform with billions of users. No wonder why everyone wants to increase their number of likes, followers, and page engagement, and thus, are tempted to buy Facebook likes.

With so many websites providing Facebook likes and engagement services at low prices, deciding the one apt for your needs is hard.

Sociallym.com or Likesgeek.com: Which Site is Better to Buy FB Likes?

Amongst all the other sites, Sociallym.com and Likesgeek.com are well-known names in the industry providing affordable prices for social media growth services. If you are confused between the two or want to find out their features for choosing the site that best serves your needs, then here is all you need to know about these famous sites for buying Facebook likes.


Likesgeek.com offers you to buy 100 Facebook likes for $1.28 and you can buy as many as 50,000 likes for $397.60. They have a lot of plans to buy Facebook likes, and you can also buy Facebook post likes besides Facebook likes.

Sociallym provides 500 Facebook likes for $18 and 20,000 Facebook likes for $320. They also offer USA Facebook likes packages, having the price range of $20 to $160 for buying 100 to 1000 USA Facebook likes.

Likesgeek.com packages for Facebook cost a lot less than Sociallym.com, so Likesgeek.com is a more affordable option if you are looking for cheap rates for buying Facebook likes.

Delivery speed

Likesgeek.com has a varied delivery time for each of their plans, for instance, the package with fewer likes can be delivered within hours, while the packages with thousands of likes can take up to weeks for delivery.

Sociallym.com maintains consistency in this regard and delivers most of its packages within 1-3 days of the purchase. Their high number of Facebook likes packages also take time to get delivered, but it won’t take more than 10-15 days for the package to reach you. Comparing the both, Sociallym.com offers a faster delivery service.

Quality of likes

Bot likes can damage the reputation of your brand and get it banned on Facebook. Therefore, you have to be careful before you buy Facebook likes from any site. Considering the quality of likes, both the sites are trustworthy as they provide for high-quality likes coming from real accounts and have zero bot accounts in their packages. So for the quality, you can choose either of the sites for buying Facebook likes and get more people to engage with your profile.

Refill guarantee

Sociallym.com provides for a 30-days refill guarantee, so in case of any decrease in the service or loss of likes, you can get it replaced within the 30-days of the purchase. Likesgeek.com does not provide any refill guarantee but they provide a likes retention guarantee for 90 days. So you can benefit from their high-quality likes and have a retention guarantee for at least 90 days.

So Likesgeek.com is a relatively cheaper option to buy Facebook likes, while Sociallym.com site is more popular and a safer option. It also offers a refill guarantee and a quicker delivery.

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