Facebook Likes Packages - Sociallym.com vs Ibuyfans.com

Facebook Likes Packages - Sociallym.com vs Ibuyfans.com

Sociallym.com and Ibuyfans.com are the most sought-after and reliable sites to buy Facebook likes. Both the companies not only provide for high-quality but also assist with engagement and overall growth of your Facebook profile.

Having real likes on your Facebook page offers a lot of benefits, and trusting a Facebook growth service is the only way to grow your brand on Facebook in a short time.

Which Site to Trust for Purchasing Facebook Likes?

Sociallym.com and Ibuyfans.com- both are considered trustworthy sites for buying Facebook likes and gaining popularity on this platform. Since you have to pick one company for buying Facebook likes, the comparison given here will help you decide which site will better conform to your needs.

Package price- At Sociallym.com, they offer a wide array of plans for Facebook likes and at reasonable rates. They also provide USA Facebook likes, and to buy this package, the price offered varies, you can get 100 USA Facebook likes for $20 and around 1000 USA Facebook likes for $160. For the normal Facebook likes packages, the price range is $18 to $320 for buying 500 Facebook likes to 20,000 Facebook likes.

Ibuyfans.com offers a wide spectrum of Facebook likes plans to buy Facebook likes; you can get worldwide Facebook like packages, USA Facebook likes, Facebook post likes packages, or USA post likes packages. Based on what kind of Facebook likes you want, you can select any of the services, and have a look at their different plans. For the Facebook post likes, they offer 100 Facebook likes at € 3.35 or $3.778, you can buy as many as 5000 Facebook post likes for € 83 or $ 93.84.

Considering the price, Ibuyfans.com makes for a cheaper bet and a better variety of options and plans.

Site safety- Sociallym.com is a safe SSL encrypted site with a secure payment gateway. So your information is protected and safe with them. Ibuyfans.com is also safe-to-use and has an SSL certificate, but the site is reviewed as a suspicious site by many scam detector sites. So Sociallym.com provides for more safety and security of your information.

Fast service- Ibuyfans.com provides for a prompt service as their Facebook likes begin flowing in within 12 hours of purchasing the service to buy Facebook likes. While Sociallym.com also offers fast delivery of the package, and you can expect the service to start within 24 to 72 hours, a time lag may vary depending on the Facebook like plan you selected.

Customer support- Sociallym.com offers round-the-clock assistance and their customers are usually happy with their quick responses. Ibuyfans.com also has some great and positive reviews for its brilliant customer service.

Social popularity- Out of the two, Sociallym.com is more prominent on social media and has better popularity among the audience. It has a lot of positive customer reviews and is amongst the most preferred site for experiencing any kind of social media service. While Ibuyfans.com has low popularity but the site is legit with some great customer reviews.

To sum up

If price is the main factor for choosing the right site to buy Facebook likes, then Ibuyfans.com is your go-to option. Besides the price, Sociallym.com performs well in all other aspects and thus, is a better and secure option to buy Facebook likes.

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